Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Android Smartphones 2018


After Windows and Mac, Android has become one of the biggest platform used by people all across the globe for video editing, designing, etc. Many use Android smartphones to do most of their works including shooting videos, editing them and rendering them to make an extraordinary clip. But for all that you need to choose the best applications available on Play Store. There are tons and tons of apps available on Play Store for video editing purposes. We have chosen the top 5 best video editing apps for Android devices that you can use with ease and make your videos more cinematic and interesting.

5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

There are a lot of apps on Google Play Store that are easy to use and can make your videos look more cinematic and extraordinary but not each and every one of them would be suitable for you. So we decided to try a lot of apps and finally selected these top 10 for you. Give them a try and leave your feedback in the comments below.

1. Adobe Premier Clip

From one of the best software and app making company, Adobe Premier Clip is one of the best video editors ever for android smartphones. Here are its features that will totally amaze you:

  • It lets you generate an automatic awesome looking clip with amazing sound effects, images and what not.
  • You can customize the auto-generated clip or tweak your own clips along with amazing soundtracks pre-installed with the app.
  • You can adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature, etc. to make your clip more attractive.
  • Use the drag and drop technique to adjust the unwanted parts of your clip while cropping it.
  • The Adobe sync technology lets you save your previous projects.

Average user rating: 4.6/5


2. Cyberlink Power Director

Power Director from Cyberlink is one of the coolest video editing apps for android as it lets you edit clips along with voice-overs and transition effects. You can add images, videos, text, animation, etc. in a single clip and make it mind-blowing. Here are some of its features:

  • Professional and user-friendly video editing tools.
  • Drag and drop any video or audio clip to include it in the original clip.
  • Great support for audio effects that include voice over and pre-installed sounds.
  • You can quickly edit the clips that including rotate, trim, crop, customize, etc.
  • Adding transition effects and formatted text can make your clip extraordinary.
  • You can adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature, etc. to make your clip more attractive.

Average user rating: 4.5/5


3. Kinemaster Pro

Kinemaster Pro is an awesome free video editing app which is full of features to provide you best ever experience of video editing. With over 10 million downloads on Play Store, this app has a lot to offer you:

  • Add multiple layers of video clips, audio clips, images and what not.
  • Immediate preview is available after every single tweak.
  • Make your video look more amazing by adjusting brightness, contrast, color, hue, saturation, etc.
  • Add transition effects and various pre-installed themes to get 3D kind of effects in your clip.
  • It supports almost all video formats like mp4, 3gp, etc.

Average user rating: 4.4/5


4. Filmora Go

From one of the leading brands of software and applications, Wondershare, Filmora Go is a free crazy video editing app for android users. It can give an extraordinary look to your clip with its amazing features:

  • Easy tools to trim, crop and render your clips.
  • Support for Square videos (1:1) videos, specifically for Instagram and 16:9 videos for YouTube etc.
  • Ability to play video in reverse and slow motion.
  • Tweaks to add soundtracks, music, transition effects, animation, and whatnot.
  • While most of its features are available for free, premium version can get you a lot more.

Average user rating: 4.4/5


5. Quik

Quick is another popular app to edit videos on your Android smartphone. This app is specifically for them who just want simple editing unlike heavy apps like Adobe Premier Clip or Power Director. But still have a lot of mind-blowing features:

  • Add up to 50 images and video clips to make them one.
  • Automatically analyzes your clips and turn them into a short clip.
  • Add amazing transitions and beautiful effects to make your clip extraordinary.
  • Customize your clips with soundtracks, music, filters and what not.
  • The app is completely free with no in-app purchases, as it is a light video editor for normal users.

Average user rating: 4.7/5


Final Verdict

Users have shifted from Windows and Mac to Android smartphones for most of their daily work like image editing, video editing, writing notes and what not. As there are a lot of such apps available on Play Store, so we have selected the 5 best apps for video editing on your android smartphone with which you can edit, trim, crop, tweak and render your clips with ease. Do leave your feedback about these apps in the comment section below.


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