Is the MacBook Air Worth Buying in 2017?


Apple refreshed the MacBook Air back in June this year, 2017 and brought a couple of new updates to the laptop. However, between the two MacBook Pros – the 12″ MacBook and the countless Windows Laptop out there it is hard to figure out if MacBook Air is worth buying in 2017.

The 2017 MacBook Air is currently priced at 61k rupees ($999) at Amazon India. It comes packed with 13-inch 1440 X 900 Display, 5th Gen Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD Storage, Intel HD Graphics 6000.

To figure whether or not the MacBook Air is worth it in 2017 lets consider the pros and cons of buying the iconic laptop from Apple.

MacBook Air : The Good and the Bad

The MacBook Air has some really great things going for it. It features a 12 hour long battery which is one of the longest lasting batteries in its size. Compare that to a Windows laptop with a similar battery life, well you get a thick laptop that weighs a lot. 

The MacBook Air also comes with an SSD that results in excellent app launch times and faster bootup speed. Most Windows laptop in this price range usually offer a mechanical hard disk that is alright but much slower than an SSD. 

Even thogh the MacBook Air is kightweight and portable the build quality is excellent and by far the best in class. Its aluminium all around is extremely good unlike most plastic windows laptops in the market. 

The MacBook Air is the only laptop from Apple that has almost all the ports including USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2.0, SD Card slot and a Mac safe too. It even has a headphone jack. But what it doesn’t have a USB Type C port which makes a bit behind the times. 

Despite all that the MacBook Air is not upgradable and is noway near as powerful as other laptops is the similar price range. It comes with a much older processor i.e. 5th Gen core i5 whereas most laptops these days come equipped with the latest 7th gen processors from Intel. Sure you can configure it with the core i7 and more SSD storage but that shifts the price from a 50 thousand laptop to an eighty thousand laptop and that price range you expect a much powerful machine. 


The MacBook Air doesn’t have a dedicated GPU either so you can;t really expect it to be able to handle  graphically intense tasks at all. Also it has some really gigantic bezels and a screen resolution that’s not even full HD. I mean it’s 2017 and a costly laptop not offering even a full HD display is just weird.  

MacBook Air Alternatives

So if you are looking for a MacBook Air alternatives in a similar price range there a number of Windows laptop you can choose from which offers more features and are more powerful than the MacBook Air.

HP Pavilion 15-AU623TX

The HP Pavilion is a bang for buck laptop. It comes with 15-inch 1366 x 768 display, core i5 7th Gen processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Storage, 4GB Nvidia 940MX. Add to that a 9 hour battery life. It is one of the best laptops you can get at 60k rupees ($936). 

However, the HP Pavilion has 15-inch 1366 x 768 display but it more than makes up more than it with a great processor and a dedicated GPU. Both things that the air doesn’t even come close to. 

HP Pavilion 15-AU623TX

HP Pavilion 15-AU626TX

For people who want a laptop that can do heavy lifting and play games as well the HP Pavilion AU626TX comes just at 66k rupees ($1030). It has 15-inch 1366 x 768 display, core i5 7th Gen processor, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD Storage, 4GB Nvidia 940MX. 

HP Pavilion 15-AU626TX

Surface Pro 4

Macs have the advantage of great sync between the hardware and the software since both the things are controlled by the same company. If you want a similar experience with a windows laptop, you can go with the Surface Pro 4. 

It is available at a price of 65k rupees ($1022) It comes with a 12.3-inch Full HD Touchscreen display, core i5 6th Gen processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD storage, Intel HD Graphics 520. It also has a surface pro pen. However, you’ll have to buy the keyboard separately, that costs around 7-8k rupees ($110 – $125). 

The Surface pro 4 might cost a little more but it comes with the great metal body and an amazing design from Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4


All things consider that the MacBook Air is not really worth it in 2017. It costs 61k rupees ($999) and offers nothing extra that other laptops do in a similar price range. I mean you get an old processor, no dedicated graphics card and a rather unimpressive display. At this price you can get windows laptop that are in fact way better with better configuration and more features. Plus most windows laptop at this price have a dedicated GPU making them better for gaming and video editing with options like the Surface Pro 4 you don’t even have to compromise on the build quality or design of a windows laptop under 60k rupees ($999). 

So are you going to buy a MacBook Air or you would buy a Windows laptop instead, do let us know in comment section.


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