GB Instagram: Best Instagram Mod Apk Android 2018


Instagram is one of the most popular social media app for sharing photos and videos. Within two months of its launch, Instagram gained over a million users. Since then, it is our favorite app for sharing photos and videos. After being acquired by Facebook, a lot of amazing features have been added. But are you really satisfied with them? Don’t you want some extraordinary features? Well, we have got a mod version of Instagram, GB Instagram apk to overcome this problem.

As compared to Facebook, Instagram is superior in terms of security and privacy. It does not allow you to directly save any video, image, or story. So either you have to give up or take a screenshot and crop it later. Hey, wait! Who wants to do that much of hard work? Why not get an app that can do it for you along with a lot of other tweaks and features :’)

Instagram Mod Apk

Well, as soon as we hear Instagram mod, we think of OgInsta. But the developer of that app is inactive for decades. The app has not been updated and it serves only old tweaks and no new features. So, from the famous team GB Mods, we have an amazing app known as GB Instagram.

Who doesn’t know about GB WhatsApp? It is one of the best WhatsApp mod apk to date. From its team, the developers made an Instagram mod apk. Just like GB WhatsApp, we have options to change the theme and do what not.

Unlike OgInsta, this app is being regularly updated. You will get all latest updates from the official app as well as more and more tweaks with time. So don’t wait for it! Go ahead and get it :’) gb-instagram-apk-android-phone-2018

GB Instagram

Being famous for his GB WhatsApp, Atnfas Hoak is back with a totally mod apk for Instagram. Just like the GB WhatsApp, you can install dual Instagram apps on your android phone. Apply themes, download and save images, videos and stories and do much more with Instagram Mod apk.

In this post I’ll let you know the features of GB Instagram, how you can install it and how to use its tweaks with ease :”)

Features of GB Instagram

The modified version of the Instagram app is full of amazing and interesting features. It has a lot to offer you in a single package. Let us have a look at these features:

  • Download media files: For instance, you liked some photo or video uploaded by your favorite Instagramer. Now you want to save it to your device, but the official app does not have any such option. This GB Instagram has the option to save your photos and videos directly to your gallery with one click. gb-instagram-download-images
  • Copy Comments: The official app does not allow you to copy any comment. In case you want to copy the content of some comment, you can do it with GB Insta with ease. Just long tap on the comment and tap on the copy icon on right upper corner. Simple, isn’t it?
  • Copy Bio: There are a few guys who have really creative and interesting bio! In case you want to copy it, you can’t. So you need to memorize the bio and type it separately somewhere else. But hey who likes to do it? Nobody! Me neither! But the GB Instagram apk lets you copy it with one click on your clipboard.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts: In case you want two different apps separately for your accounts, this will help you. You can install GB Insta app on your Android device without uninstalling the official apk. Also, in case you need to open the same account on both apps, it can do it :’)
  • Zoom in Profile Pictures: One of the worst parts for me of official app is that we can’t zoom in the profile picture. That’s one of the reasons why I love GB Instagram over the official Instagram app. You can long tap on the profile picture to zoom in.
  • Notification Counts: It has the feature to provide you the exact number of notifications pending. This helps you keep your taskbar clean and minimal without worries 😉
  • Share URLs: With one tap you can share or copy the URLs of photos, profile, video etc. Even if your friend uses official app, he/she won’t find any trouble with the URL. You can directly share the URL on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.
  • Download stories: What do you do when you want to save a story? You take a screenshot. Don’t you? But what will you do if it is a video clip? Well, instead GB Insta app provides you option to save all types of stories with one tap. download-insta-stories-using-gb-instagram
  • Click on links in the caption: If you have noticed then you can’t click on the links provided in captions. But this Instagram mod apk allows you to click them all. No matter if the guy who uploaded it uses GB Insta or not.
  • Apply Themes: Just like GB WhatsApp, you have a lot of themes to choose from. Apply them, change the UI and have fun :’)

Best Sides of GB Instagram

  • No Ban Issues: Whenever you use modified apk of an app, what’s the first query in your mind? Is it safe to use this app without getting banned? Well, none of the apps from team GB Mods is unsafe. You will never get banned from the server as they use the same server. Just the thing is that you have tweaked the application accordingly.
  • No root required: Then the second query is- Does this app require root access? Well, this mod apk does not require root access at all. You can use it without any worries.
  • Regular Updates: Heard of OgInsta? Well, you probably had. That app has not been updated for decades. But the team GB Mods regularly updates the GB Instagram app with all latest features. You need not worry about the latest version. Just bookmark our site! We’ll regularly update the latest version download link as soon as it gets launched :’)

Download GB Instagram Latest Version Apk

Downloading and installing is the app isn’t tough at all. As both these applications, official Instagram app and GB Instagram apk have different packages; you won’t find trouble in installing the app. You don’t have to uninstall the official app to use this app. Cool, isn’t it?

Download GB Instagram v1.40

How to Install GB Instagram?

Well, it is just a simple process to install the application on your android device. Follow the steps given below to install it successfully:

  1. Download the apk file and tap on it to install.install-gb-Instagram-latest-version-app
  2. You will find an error for Unknown Sources.install-gb-instaggram-latest-version-android
  3. Click on Settings and enable the Unknown sources installation of apps.
  4. Then tap back key and try to install it again.
  5. This time you will the option to install the apk.install-gb-Instagram-latest-version-app
  6. Click on install and wait till the process is over.
  7. Once done click on open and proceed! install-gb-instagram-latest-version-android
  8. Choose the option to Login with your username and password to access your existing account. install-gb-instagram-latest-version-android
  9. Voila! You now have the best Instagram mod apk on your device.

The app works in the same way just like the official app. The tweaks and other customization are added separately so that you don’t find trouble accessing anything.

Final Verdict

Well, I hope you have liked the amazing features of GB Instagram app. If you ask me, I would prefer using GB Insta app over official one any day. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install the app on your android phone. Do leave your feedback in the comments below. And for more awesome digital tips like and tech updates, stay tuned to Tip2Tech!




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